Klacht: Underage bid received a fine

op 16 februari 2018 over Vakantieveilingen.nl in de categorie Vakantie Veilingen

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Hi Vakantie veilingen,
My little cousin used my phone number to register for vakantievielingin without telling me and was exploring how it works. In the process he bid on two auctions and logged out of the site. He didnt know he won. I didnt even know he did this until i received a text from Vakantievielingen and began asking questions.There is a bill of 63,01euros.

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This is an underage child with no stable source of income, children should not be fined this is clearly a mistake.

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Heeft op 16 februari 2018 om 10:33 geantwoord

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Hi Lynda,

We are sorry to hear that your little cousin signup on our website, via your mobile phone at 01.23 in the night. Too bad you never contacted our customer care before, after you received a message an auction has been won.

We see you already paid the auction by Paypal. If you have any other questions concerning your account or the arrangement do not hesitate to contact our customer care.

Kind regards,

Diana - Webcare VV

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