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Angel010467 op 20 september 2021 over Alitalia in de categorie Vliegmaatschappij

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Datum: vrijdag, 17 september 2021 om 16:05
Aan: [email protected]
Onderwerp: Complaint and request for refund

Dear customer service,

last Monday we booked a flight from Venice to Rome with Al Italia.

We arranged and purchased the flight tickets a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to purchase additional baggage options. While doing so, I found out that this had to be done during the online check-in.

You website informed me, that the online check-in would be possible at least 48 hours before the flight. So I waited until then. On Sunday the 12th of September I tried to check in our family.

After several attempts I had to recognize that a online check-in was not possible. Each time I had to fill in all the details of the reservation and at the payment landing page, the website gave an error (see picture in the attachment). I tried different payment methods (credit card, paypal etc.), but none of them worked. I even tried different credit cards – but this did not work either.

Then I called the service center of Al Italia (number 00390665649), I told them about my experience and the problems with the website. They told me, that they knew about this problem and gave me another phone number, which I should call to solve the problem. Then I called 00390665640 – here I was kicked out the line for 4 (!!!!) times, and after that I spoke to an Italian lady who could not speak a word English. She hang up on me. After that I tried another 10 times to get in touch with someone, but the line was dead.

In order to solve the problem in time, we decided to go to the airport 4 hours (!!) before the flight took off. We went to the counter of AliSud in Venice Airport. There I explained the problem and they told me, that they were aware of the problem. The lady over there told me that they had received several complaints of Al Italia and they knew that the website did not work properly. They referred us to the check-in desk of Al Italia. We went to the check in desk and over there we were check-in for the flight. Then we were told we had to go back to the desk of AliSud, since we had to pay for our baggage.

At the desk of AliSud we were asked to pay 116 Euro for the check in of 2 suitcases. I was unpleasantly surprised and I told the lady that the price on the website was 25 euro for one piece of luggage (national flight 1 suitcase), so I was willing to pay 50 euros – but definitely not 116 Euros!!!

She told me that we had to pay double, because we checked in at the airport!!!!!!!!!! This to me is completely ridiculous. Al Italia has a website which is not working – everybody knows that the website is not working – and the client is ripped off, because the company fails.

So, I would like to get a refund of 66 Euro, which can be transferred to my bankaccount.

Enclosed you will find my reservation, the receipt of the additional baggage we paid at AliSud and the pictures we made from the website.

Looking forward to hear from you,
Kind regards,

Gewenste Oplossing:

Ik heb de bovenstaande mail naar Al Italia gestuurd, aangezien ik telefonisch niet in contact met hen kan komen (lijn is buiten gebruik?? Tel. 020-6764479). Tot mijn verbazing kreeg een [email protected] bericht terug dat de mail geweigerd wordt. Vandaar dat ik mij nu tot u wend. Ik zou graag het teveel betaalde geld geretourneerd willen zien (66 Euro).

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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