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op 23 juli 2012 over Schoenenwinkels in de categorie Kledingwinkels

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I bought a very first shoes for my 14 month old boy in February 21 for 65 EUR in SHOESME. Three weeks later, my boy was playing outside and the shoes cracked on the front (which is less than a month after I bought them). I went to the shop in Tilburg – where I bought the shoes and the stuff working there (including management and bass of the shop) were very impolite. They said that the shoes are broken since “my baby boy is running with them outside and because he can not walk properly.” This is completely ridiculous statement since he is 14 month and I bought shoes that should be appropriate for this age. After several discussions with them, they didn’t offer a solution like replacement and/or repair or money return. Moreover the manager told me that if they replace them they can be again broken in 3 weeks and “what than”? I am very surprised with such answer. I was told that the shoe shop SHOESME is known to sell good shoes and therefore I bought shoes for my boy there. I am very surprised by such a treatment of a customer. Moreover I can not understand that they can legally sell shoes for which there is no guarantee on the quality and for such a high price? Can they really do that?? I wonder if this is a discrimination since I am not from here or this is how they treat all people.
I have found out that a guarantee on shoes is 6 month, and after I told them the answer was that shoes from my baby “are warned out” but how this can be a case in less than a month??
I can not accpet such a treatment.
I will never buy shoes there – and I hope also not you!

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New shoes or reimbusement.

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