Klacht: Pathetic delivery and customer care

op 10 oktober 2017 over Swiss Sense in de categorie Bedden

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I bought a boxspring bed from Swiss Sense store in Zaandam in June. I got it delivered on 15th Sep.
I’m extremely disappointed with my experience with the whole process and would like to address my concerns and file a formal complaint.

First of all, I ordered the bed on 15/07 and was told that I can get early delivery because of the bed already being in stock. (I picked the colour which was already in stock). Despite this I was told that delivery will be in week 35 which was 7 weeks after ordering, this does not sound like early delivery to me.
After this promise as well, I got the bed in week 37 (2 weeks after promised dates).

Second, I asked for different foot (trivio 13). Your colleague at Swiss Sense Zaandam, Ron de Jong told me he will update that in the system asap. He just added that in the receipt which he gave me. I still received default black foot. I WOULD LIKE IT TO BE CHANGED.

Third, I went to the store few weeks back to check on delivery date and asked your another colleague there to modify my order to include another colour bed sheet instead of white and he changed that in system in front of me. I STILL RECEIVED WHITE. I have exchanged that now in the store but it caused me another store visit which I did not appreciate.

Fourth and the most IMPORTANT one, I received the bed, matresses, cover sheet in DIRTY form. There was NO plastic or any wrapping over bed or matress. This is not what I expect from such a big brand. I honestly have not seen anywhere a new thing being delivered without any packaging. The bed cover also without any packaging and NOT EVEN FOLDED. It literally looked like it has been picked up from a pile of second hand stuff and brought for delivery.
Also the delivery men were extremely rude.
Due to delay in delivery and because of me having a need of bed now, I could not refuse delivery and send it back. I accepted it with discount but I am not happy with that settlement. I did not look for a bed through different stores just to settle for something second hand and having to pay price for NEW.

I am extremely disappointed with the service. After reaching out to the store, I was told they can not do anything. This is surprising as they were the one who made all the promises about quick delivery and good quality.
After formal complaint to their email as well, I have not received any response at all.
This is such a pathetic company and their employees do not care at all about you just after the sale is made. I would warn each and every person I know to stay away from this company.

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Such a pathetic experience makes me wonder if there is anything they can do to satisfy me at this stage.
After reading other complains, I am also worried that quality of mattress itself is also poor.
I would be satisfied if I get full replacement of bed along with warranty.

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8 maanden geleden - I indeed received the information and told that a new boxspring will be delivered. I was somewhat positive in the end but to no avail. After waiting for more than 8 weeks again, I received a date for new bed replacement. To my surprise, only the mattress was sent. In the delivery notes also it said to take the boxspring back but no new boxpsring was delivered. This is utter irresponsible behavior. The delivery guys asked me what do I want. In my opinion, the question is not valid and they should be the one apologizing and taking actions to fix it asap. Instead of this, they asked me to sign for delivery and even complained that this discussion is taking alot of their time whereas they were supposed to be here only for few minutes. The rudeness of the delivery guys, even when it's company's fault, amazed me! As the discussion with the delivery guys didn't reach anywhere, I was told that I will be contacted for a new delivery again ASAP. It has been more than 2 weeks now and no one has contacted me. At this point, I only wish to warn people to stay away from such irresponsible company which has no sense of doing right for their customers.

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