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op 10 februari 2018 over fit for free in de categorie Sportclub/-school

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In July 2017 I cancelled my membership with FFF via opzeggen.nl. This worked very fine I thought when I saw my membership fee was cancelled and I heard nothing else. Then in October 2017 I started to receive letters and emails stating that I had refused to pay my fee and that I would receive a fine. I contacted FFF in October to find out what the problem was, and explained that I had cancelled my membership in the summer. They did not respond to me until December 2017! They explained that because they had been taking over some other gyms over the summer there had been a mistake about the final payment. They agreed to cancel the late payment fines due to the fact that they were so behind with their administration and agreed it was not my fault. They asked me to make the payment to correct the mistake made by them in July with calculating my final payment. I made the payment for the outstanding amount and email back my contact to say thank you and that the payment was made. Now we are in January and I continue to receive letters with amounts increasing the fine and saying that I still have to pay! I would like to know where my money went, why the customer service takes so long to respond and why they are not able to manage their own administration! This is a really frustrating situation because as a customer I have followed all of the rules and tried to help them correct their mistakes, but I am still receiving threatening letters! I would like to have this situation resolved as soon as possible.

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so far there is no solution offered

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fit for free

Heeft op 23 februari 2018 om 11:40 geantwoord

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Hello Suzanne. Thank you for your message. We understand that you have cancelled your contract, but we still send you e-mails about an outstanding amount. Did you already receive an e-mail back from our costumer support? Sorry for the delay. You can always call our costumer support to get a direct answer on your question about the payment and cancellation. They can directly look into the system. https://www.fitforfree.nl/contact-met-fitforfree

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