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op 25 mei 2020 over Vliegwinkel.nl in de categorie Online Vliegtickets

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My parents flight between AMS and India which was scheduled on 12th of june was cancelled by Emirates.
Emirates have an option to Keep your ticket with this my parents can travel back to India once the restrictions are removed.
Emirates mentioned that since I booked the flight through 3rd party (Vliegwinkel.nl) the option to keep your ticket needs to be communicated via Vliegwinkel.
I have sent couple of emails to vliegwinkel but there is no response.

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I need to use the Keep your ticket option provided by emirates. so that my parents can travel after the restrictions are removed.

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Heeft op 29 mei 2020 om 11:52 geantwoord

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Dear Karthigai,

Thank you for your written message. Our apologies for the delay in our response. We have currently an extreme high volume in requests and e-mails to handel.

The ticket status is on open. So we can change your booking to another date in the future. There has been send an email were you can respond to.

Kind regards,

Customer Support, Vliegwinkel

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