Klacht: my new sofa is not the one on the showroom

op 26 september 2017 over Goossens in de categorie Meubelwinkels

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I have ordered a Parkers 3.5 seater sofa from Amsterdam Goossens and on 25.7.2017 my new sofa was delivered. in a few days, I noticed that the sofa is not comfortable, the cushions are too soft and loose for a sofa. sitting and back cushions are too loose, they lose their shape immediately. The cushions dont look firm and straight. I ran to Villa Arena, checked the showroom model, and saw that the seating comfort is better in the show room model. I complained in the showroom and they made a service request who came on 7.9.2017. the montour did not accept that the sofa is different than the show room model, and he advised me to beat (klop) the cushions regularly like once in a week. However, they do lose their shape each sit so should I beat the whole sofa after every sit? Really, who wants to have a new sofa which needs to be beaten every time? are we living in 1950`s so they can not produce good quality sofa? I paid about 1400 Euro for a sofa which needs to be beaten after every sit. I have talked with the call center, I sent complaint form 2 times. Finally, last week I got a call from the seller in the Villa Arena. He said that Goossens can fill the cushions to make it harder. I told him that I want the sofa to be changed with something else and I added that I expect a written reply which I never received in 1 week yet. I totally lost my trust to Goossens, I can`t trust that they can fix this sofa. Moreover, after paying around 1.400 Euro, why should I be accepting a patch solution? My guests cant believe that it is a new sofa, looks so chubby and worn out.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I should have been told by the sales personnel that this sofa is such a special one that I should beat the cushions more often than a normal sofa. I can understand that back cushions can be beaten regularly but it is not normal to beat the sit cushions of a sofa once a week. Moreover, beating cushions doesn't make it any better. The service personnel says that this is a normal sofa and I have the same one as the one in the shop. I do not agree with it. Even it is the same, it is a shame for Goossens to sell such a product. I trusted Goossens because I thought they are a very big furniture store so they should have a good know how of making good quality furniture. But my experience so far has been opposite. My house is my showroom. I have not received any compliment for the sofa from Goossens and I heard from the guests that it looks like a very used one. In my opinion, Goossens should first apologize for delivering or producing a sofa which is not comfortable and same as the showroom model. second, I should be compensated for the loss of my time lose, my trust and also psychological welfare. I have spent time on mails and telephones. I feel like I am cheated by Goossens. I want the sofa to be returned.

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