Klacht: Mis-selling of boxspring bed in Amsterdam store.

op 25 december 2017 over Swiss Sense in de categorie Bedden

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When we went into the Amsterdam store we were VERY specific with the sales assistant (Patrico) that we were moving to Copenhagen so needed delivery in Wk49 so we could take the bed with us.

We were told it would not be a problem he would make sure it came in time and that there would be no issues. He was 100% confident.

Wk49 came and went. Nobody called or mailed. We started chasing to find out what has happened … they couldn’t find the order (but took the deposit no problem)… and the service has been AWFUL.

Cannot believe these kind of companies still exist today.
It’s classic mis-selling and definitely illegal in the UK (I suspect in NL too but am English living in Holland rather than Dutch).

Extremely disappointed in what seemed to be a reputable company.

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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