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op 06 oktober 2017 over Rijless.nl in de categorie Rijscholen

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I had an instructor who screamed and shouted at me while showing me parking in the parking lot. When I asked for the mistake I made, he shouted ” Go ask CBR to explain”. While when I reported this incident to the management, they said that the instructor had shouted at me because it was a dangerous situation. When in reality, we were on parking lot, with no cars around.

In further explanation, the management said that it is very difficult for non-english drivers to give classes in english language. If that is the case, I again feel betrayed by your company, as when I first contacted the driving school, I categorically asked if english will be a problem. To which I was assured that english will not be a problem at all. But now, apparently, english is a big problem.

My first instructor changed me to other instructor as he was going on vacation, then this instructor who was mentally not fit, and now I have to change to third instructor just before the exam.

My whole package has been messed up. Totally wasted by chopping and changing of instructors.

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