Klacht: lack of air-con at the gym

op 02 oktober 2017 over fit for free in de categorie Sportclub/-school

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I moved to Bijlmer and I’m going to the gym there. The air-con is constantly not working. I thought it’s broken and they’ll repair it soon. Today I talked with the employee, there’s no air-con AT ALL. I called the customer service if there is going to be air-con in the nearest future. They told me not really. I said I want my money back for the last month and I want to end the subscription immediately. The employee told me it’s not going to happen. My gym is a sauna and I can use sauna due to my blood pressure.

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They seem not going to do anything and they refused to pay my money back or even only end the subscription.

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fit for free

Heeft op 02 oktober 2017 om 13:42 geantwoord

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Thank you for your message, Katarzyna. We understand that you want to work-out in a environment where there is good air-conditioning. We going to check the aircondition in our club Bijlmer. It's true that you cannot cancel your subscription in your contract period. Only after. Of course you are free to give your subscription to somebody else. If you have further questions, you can always stop by the club. :)

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