Klacht: I am trapped into Debt

Metamulyani op 31 december 2019 over Vakantieveilingen.nl in de categorie Vakantie Veilingen

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I am new in Netherlands. Trying to find cheapest thing because I don’t have much money. I bid in vakantieveilingen for Sushi discount it cost €6 but afterwards I aimed to cancel that bid. I thought if I did not pay the bid it would be canceled automatically. But it was not! I got the collection letter with €46 bill. I don’t understand and i was literally forgot that I made the bid. After I searched on the internet, i know everything. I didn’t know that I should pay the €6. They gave me reminder through email but I rarely checked this email and it was on Dutch so I literally didn’t understand a lot. They sent SMS but I really don’t know that I should pay.
This time i don’t have choice to pay the nonsense bill otherwise debt collector will come again and again.
Can you just sent that €6 bill letter without using debt collector service?

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When I got back the €40 debtcollector fee.

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Heeft op 03 januari 2020 om 10:14 geantwoord

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That is really aweful, we advice you to contact our customerservice. They are happy to help you with this problem!

Have a nice day.

Greetings, Donnie

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