Klacht: order made and paid on 23th of APRIL

op 12 juli 2013 over Hardware.nl in de categorie Internetshops - Computers en accessoires

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i’ve made an order on a soundbar PHILIPS HTL9100, that seems to be in stock on the site. i received a first mail because HARDWARE.NL has some problems of delivery with their manufacturer. they ask for 15 days more. after that, another mail for 15 more days. so time pass and no product. so i called them (i’m not that good at speaking english) and i asked for a full refund on my credit card because they can’t give me the product i wanted. thay told me that it was “impossible because it was expensive to cancel the transaction” (so ? is it my problem ?). so i let them another chance and wait again 15 more days. some days ago, i send a mail to them : thay have two solutions, refund my money ON MY CREDIT CARD, or i deposit a claim to VISA and to the police department of my country (FRANCE), i let them 3 days to give the exact date for the refund transaction. they answer me that the refund would be made friday the 12th, so today.

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all i want is my money, nothing more nothing less. i\'m tired to wait for nothing. 678 euros that i worked for are somewhere and i can\'t use it. i\'m writing my story here today because this all thing is getting me mad. really.

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Heeft op 05 augustus 2013 om 12:25 geantwoord

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Unfortunately Philips had deliver problems with this item.
We refund the money to miss das Neves

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