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op 09 september 2018 over Geld.nl in de categorie Vergelijkings websites

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I am not agree with new amount and I have a right because I dont get any information from insurance company.
I insured my car MAZDA CX5 ( 2-TGF-40) 25-06-2018, I got factuur for 104,78 euro amount and from 01-08-2018 my month amount was 81,40 euro. Now this insurance company want from me 193,45 euro per month. My financial situation dont let me every month to pay 193,45 euro. I am from Poland and I dont know how are working insurance companies here. I was insurated not 2 days in this company, alsor assistants was called for the correct information, nobody told me nothing and after 2 months are coming amount for 193,45 euro
2 months insurance company cant give information if you have second car will be cost so much, if they will be told me from the begining that in them insurance company I have to pay so much I never will be make insurance in this company. I am not agree with this new amount and they have to let me look for the new insurance. For my first car I have korting ( 12 years schadevrije jaren ) in ING insurance so I was called to them and they told me that for second car also is the same korting, not like in this company. I am seek, more like one year, my salaris per maand is only 80 % so I cant pay 193,45 euro and now this company even dont want to talk with me just money from me
I will be wait for the your answer

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