Klacht: Fraudulent activities

op 01 juli 2020 over BigGym in de categorie Sportclub/-school

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I’m planning to put charges on this company and would offer to join me for the other people too. It’s unacceptable how this company treats clients

The month of March, coronavirus closures on gyms and money is taken for my account. Service is non-existant, no phone numbers, nothing. Only an email that takes 2 weeks to reply with a no sence making reply.

My money is taken away for May and and April for no reason at all because the gyms are closed.

I went to talk about this to the manager and the reply I received for taking the money was: We took this money as a compensation, the gym needs to stand on their feet somehow

This is very fraudulent and the business is scaming people and nobody is doing nothing about this.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I want this case to be solved, my subscription canceled and the money for two months.

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