Klacht: Fine for Child’s Bid

op 26 september 2017 over Vakantieveilingen.nl in de categorie Vakantie Veilingen

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Dear Sir/ Madam,
I found out yesterday that my daughter registered at Vakantieveilingen website and was exploring how the site works some time ago. Apparently she placed a bid of 9 euro on a certain photo shoot. She told me this yesterday as she received an e-mail asking to pay a fine of 49 euro. I would appreciate if you can help to resolve this as she as a child didn’t realize that she is actually bidding. Thank you!

Gewenste Oplossing:

I believe the bid of my daughter on this photo shoot should be cancelled as children should not be able to act on a website like this.

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Heeft op 27 september 2017 om 16:19 geantwoord

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Dear Mrs Shvets,

Thanks for your message. You have to be eightteen years or older to register at Vakantieveilingen. Your daughter must have filled in a fake date of birth. We are willing to help you and your daughter. Could you please send us an e-mail via webcare@vakantieveilingen.nl including a copy ID of your daughter and the e-mailaddress which she used to make an account? We will then close her file at Intrum Justitia, cancel the auction and close her account.

Kind regards,

Wim-webcare VV

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