Klacht: Too Much Bill

op 14 november 2019 over Eneco in de categorie Energieleveranciers

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I was an Essent user till May this year and was very happy with Essent. I was paying around 110 euros a month for gas and electricity. I used to get a lot of calls from Eneco about great offers they had for me. Finally I decided to meet one guy and hear the offer. He explained me the offer and showed me calculations based on my current usage. He told me that I will have to pay around 80 euros a month instead of 110 that was paying to Essent. On hearing this wonderful offer, I agreed to switch the supplier from Essent to Eneco.
After that I started getting 2 bills, one for 88 euros and another for 55 euros. This was a shock to me because now I was paying almost 140 instead of 110 that I was paying earlier. I tried calling Eneco customer care multiple times to understand the reason behind this. But I could never connect to the customer care. I emailed them but no reply so far.
My Klant number is: K20120160 If this forum can help me resolve this issue I will be very thankful.

I tried calling the customer service where I wait for more than 30 mins and then the call disconnects automatically without reaching to the customer service agent.

I logged a complaint earlier as well on Klacht. They said they cannot find my account in Eneco, I called Klantenservice Zakelijk (I am supposed to be a Zakelijk client). They said they can also not find my account. FRUSTRATING.

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I would like Eneco to deliver what was promised to me at 80 euros a month. Refund the amount that has been paid extra to the above amount. Arrange a callback from someone who knows something about my account.

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Heeft op 14 november 2019 om 11:37 geantwoord

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Dear Mukesh,

Thank you for your message. Sorry to hear that your complaint hasn't been resolved yet. I will make sure that someone will contact you before the end of this week concerning this problem. Hopefully we can come to a solution together.

We will call you on the number stated above.

Kind regards,

Eneco Webcare

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