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I will write this complaint in English, so that both locals and foreigners can understand clearly the wicked practices of this 5-employee company I am denouncing.

On June 16th 2017, my daughter and her friend booked (and paid in full) a 1-day return trip to Disneyworld, Paris with Citytijger. Unfortunately the girls had only read “the wonders” that this “travel agency“ offers online and not the customers’ reviews once the trip had been carried out (if so). If you have read the previous complaints of this forum, they all basically tell the same thing: after a long wait, no bus came to pick up the clients and no money was refunded after complaining. Our case follows this pattern.
Here is the story so far:

Before the potential trip:

Bad, twisted, mixed information from the company’s side (e.g. the departure place and time): my daughter had to get in touch with the only (and very unprofessional) girlie customer service rep they have in order to request their tickets barely some hours before the journey would take place. According to the rep, there had been a system problem and they hadn’t sent any (she forgot to mention the fact that, despite the supposed technical issue, nobody in this company got in touch with the customers to proactively inform them about it).

Once my daughter got the tickets printed up, the information on both papers (ticket and travel confirmation) differed: Departure time: 23 or 24 hours? Departure place: Amersfoort or Utrecht? In any case, on July 26th we went to Utrecht and waited from 23 p.m. to 1 a.m., thinking that regardless the departure place, the bus would pass through Utrecht anyway. It didn’t happen. As the time was coming closer to 1 o’clock, we tried to call the guys about 10 times in an attempt to clarify or solve the situation. Despite the 24-hour availability phone service they offer, they never answered. After 2 hours of unsuccessfully waiting for the bus, we decided to take the girls in our car to Rotterdam – which was the next bus stop.

The planned trip:

No trip at all. We came in Rotterdam at around 2 a.m., only minutes before the bus arrived. To our surprise, the bus driver didn’t allow the girls in because (1) “they were not on his list” and (2) “the trip was fully booked (overbooked, I would say). So it doesn’t really matter where you’d pick up the bus (Amersfoort, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Maastricht, etc.). If you are not listed, you are pushed back (despite having paid as everybody else). So we drove back home at 2:30 a.m. angry, confused and very disappointed.

After the trip that never happened:

Today we have talked on the phone three times with this company, jumping from the girlie customer service to some Mark Leeuwesteijn – the incompetent “general manager” of this chaotic ensemble, who refused to reimburse our money and instead chose to hang up the phone when he felt cornered.

We have fixed a date with the police at noon tomorrow to file a complaint against this organization and we will take legal action at a later stage. But that’s another story. Do you remember the old Dire Straits tune, “Money for nothing”? It represents precisely what this stinky hole in Amersfoort is all about. They baffle, overbook and put the blame on consumer’s behaviour to get your well-earned money out of your pocket. Beware of them!

Gewenste Oplossing:

Money back. We paid in full a service they never provided.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst over deze klacht over Citytijger.com

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst dat deze klacht over Citytijger.com nog niet in behandeling is genomen.

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