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op 13 juli 2012 over Canaldigitaal in de categorie Alles-in-1

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I have a triplesat entertainment pack.

Problem 1. Decoder/receiver does not record.Some programs are not recored while the red record light is on and the menu says it is recording. The signal also drops out when there is an little rain or wind. Called Canaldigitaal with the problem and the tech guy says power it done take it out the socket and leave it for five minutes, then power it up again and it should work….NO it does not. Called again, now they say change the cables around and it should work……NO. Called again and they said we send a new decoder. New decoder installed and few days later same problem. Once again called them and went through the same cycle again. In the they say we send a new decoder……I am now on decoder number 5 and have had it with the company. Called last week to stop the service and they guy says the drop of signal is not a decoder problem but a signal problem, he says it must be 85%. Now i look at mine and it is 60%. He then says got to the roof and adjust the dish until you 85% signal strength. I do this but can only 63% and no more.

Called today to tell them that i could not get the signal strength up and the guy on the phone says that is a problem with Triple sat it falls out with a bit of rain. So to solve it he says build a roof or umbrella over it that is what or people do. This takes the cake. So i then asked to speak to manager and he said that this was not possible. I was the put through to someone else were i could stop my contract. She said this is not possible until Dec 2013. I told her that the service is not upto scratch and they do not deliver the agreed upon service.She said she can not help me further and the sent me through to someone else. This person then hung up on me.

I called back and got the service they said that there is nothing they can do. Only send a service tech that i have pay for because the warranty is expired. I told him this is a running problem. The answer i got was ” we only know about the record problem and nothing further “.

The problem is their signal is not strong enough and the product is not upto scratch.

When i went to sign up for the system i ask about rain and snow. They told me that only with a snow storm it would fall out. This is not true. It falls out with and gust of wind or slight rain.

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Money back for the install and the contract cancelled.

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Wij bieden onze excuses aan voor de onstane problemen. Inmiddels hebben wij telefonisch contact gehad en is dit opgelost.

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