Klacht: Changing reservation time

op 16 augustus 2019 over CarTrawler in de categorie Autoverhuur

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We just booked a car from 3.10-24.10 at Sao PAulo Airport through BudgetAir
Bookingsnummer BR426025320
Confirmationnumber 764667
The ation of collecting the car at 10.00 and bring it back at 10.00 hours is incorrect, it wan’t to correct it to 17.30 hours in both cases.
It was not possible to change the pick up time through RentalCars, nor on the phone with customer service of Cartrawler.
I was adviced to,cancell the reservation and make a new one, yet in doing so I foresee running into more problems.

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Could you please help me to change the pick up as well as the bring back time from 10.00 h to 17.30 hours.

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