Klacht: Bad treatment

op 16 maart 2020 over Specsavers in de categorie Opticïens en brillen

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I have asked for glasses about 2 years ago but what I asked for didn’t get
I want to other service in paddepoel Groningen a week ago and I had to explain to him what’s happened 2 years ago but he didn’t listen to me and his service was bad his name fedde
I am not happy with that

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I want glasses against cars light at night
And the old one didn't help

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Heeft op 16 maart 2020 om 09:56 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

Good morning,
We are not sure what your question exactly is? is is that you bought glasses 2 years ago that are not the right ones?

After this long period we cant replace the glasses for free. Sorry that the service you had experienced was bad, we will pick this up with the store.

You can also visit another store to see if they have another solution for you.

Have a good day.

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