Klacht: Arrogant and incompetent

op 09 juni 2016 over Syncasso in de categorie Incassobureaus

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I had come to a payment agreement with a S.pels at syncasso.(11/5/2016)

i recieved a email with a wierd looking attachment(photocopy, no Company header). This contained a link and instructions to the payment portal. i followed the instructions. was in my profile and saw no open cases.

I then emailed this s.pel on 2 occassions with no response what so ever.(27/5/2016 and 4/5/2016)

dToday i call in and speak to w. de graaf.

I explain the situation to him, he becomes very cocky on the phone, he tells me i received a email and post was sent to me, i explained that this did not work.

i asked him to send the proper documentation. i told him i would make payment next week or the following week.

he refused saying this was my fault that it wasnt paid.
He now resent the exact same info to me, this time with a company header, same login etc that didnt work last time.

Can someone please get assist me with the correct details, and can we do something about this payment arrangement.

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i'd like the correct details, also a summery of what exactly this is for and i want to settle this over 3/4 months.

and i dont appreciate this wesley de graaf and his attitude.

i'm calling to make them aware of the issue, and because of the error that occured on your end i would pay at the end of this month and them to be spoken to like this is not acceptable.

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In de bovenstaande kwestie heeft Syncasso op 15 juni jl. een email verstuurd naar de betrokkene, waarin wij aan de betrokkene uitleggen waarom de regeling is komen te vervallen. Tevens hebben wij in de brief een specificatie van de vordering vermeld. Wij vertrouwen er op deze klacht hiermee naar behoren te hebben afgehandeld.

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