Klacht: Adele tickets not delivered 1 day before the event

op 02 juni 2016 over Ticket tribune in de categorie Kaartenverkoop

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Back in december i bought 2 tickets to adele’s concert for a substantial amount of money.
Regardless of my persistance I only managed to get a couple of replies from them regarding the status.
The latest mail said that they wouldn’t be able to deliver 1 week in advance as initially agreed and that they would give me a final answer THREE hours before the concert.
I need to organize the transport for 2,5, print the tickets and leave work earlier. I think this is an extremely unprofessional (and possible scam) site.

My expectations are that i won’t receive the tickets. If my money is not refunded i will contact a lawyer for the damages.

Lesson learnt: never buy anything from them again

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Ticket tribune

Heeft op 03 juni 2016 om 11:58 geantwoord

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We are doing our very best to deliver the tickets as soon as possible, however if we do not succeed, you will ofcourse receive the full amount on the account of origin. We hope to be able to provide the tickets as soon as possible. We appologise for the inconvience and thank you for your patience.

Heeft op 03 juni 2016 om 16:14 geantwoord

Three hours before the event and I still haven't received any update about my tickets. I am extremely disappointed with this site and professionalism. You shouldn't be allowed to announce tickets if you cannot ensure the people they will get them.

I will be expecting my refund within a week before starting any legal actions.

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