BenLucia op 21 oktober 2022 over Volkswagen Pon Financial Services / Dutch Finance in de categorie Leasebedrijven

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Company engaged in an unlawful 5-month long campaign to avoid responding to our complaints; complaints concern an abundance of (fully-evidenced) horrific, severe, gross failings – across the entire board – that caused me my girlfriend considerable costs/damages after our expensive holiday to Paris was completely wrecked due to these. Severe failings involve leaving us without cover for pech during our trip (after we specifically enquired about this beforehand were told we were covered), providing us with a pass for our electric car which did not work the entire trip to charge the car (as the record clearly evidences). Then, gross/unbelievable failures by multiple staff/management at business to grasp the issues act upon them – causing major disruption to our holiday every single day. We raised complaint immediately whilst on holiday back in May. Company tried not responding, have thereafter engaged in highly damaging, disturbing, unlawful 5 month campaign of evasiveness/obfuscation, childish ruses desperate attempts to avoid acknowledging addressing their many, many (undeniable) failings. We have not even had a single apology from them in this time, just easily disprovable falsehoods desperate, juvenile attempts to blame others avoid answering to any of the multiple issues. I suffer from severe health issues (something company has been made aware of multiple times); both myself my girlfriend needed to seek medical attention on our return from the ruined trip, so extreme was the stress/distress to us the needless/selfish prolongment of this matter has continues to cause us both immense discomfort has had a highly detrimental effect on both of us. We have (in many cases written) evidence for these gross/severe VWPFS failings, as VWPFS know full well – the primary reason we believe they refuse to adhere to their legal obligations provide a proper/full response to our complaint. We note also they advertise on their website as being a member of the Geschillen Commissie – but having spoken with the Geschillen Commissie we know this too is false that they are fraudulently advertising this mark of respectability accountability. We have also been subject to a whole host of extremely rude/abusive discriminatory comments by a number of VWPFS staff their overall conduct has been an absolute disgrace – falling far, far short of the company values (‘merkwaarden’) listed on their website. Please, VWFPS, provide a full/proper, professional civilised response to our very serious, multi-pronged complaint start to account for the severe failings damages/discomfort incurred by us, adhere to your legal obligations stop causing us immense grief discomfort – after we have already experienced this due solely to the many serious failings by VWPFS staff.

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For VWPFS to cease their months long campaign of dishonesty/evasion/juvenile games, to STOP breaking the law/abusing us, abide by their LEGAL OBLIGATIONS provide a professional civilised, proper/full response to our severe complaint, concerning A WHOLE CATALOGUE of (fully evidenced) gross negligence/incompetence severe FAILINGS that ruined our holiday (incurring us considerable costs/damages), have ruined our entire year been a CONSTANT STRAIN on both our respective healths. I suffer from SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS with a HIGH LINK TO SUICIDE am concerned about the impact on my health from FURTHER ILLEGAL, JUVENILE GAMES/RUSES by this disgraceful company

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

11 maanden geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst over deze klacht over Volkswagen Pon Financial Services / Dutch Finance

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

11 maanden geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst dat deze klacht over Volkswagen Pon Financial Services / Dutch Finance nog niet in behandeling is genomen.

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