Klacht: The opaque terms were not explained in advance by your staff, but now I am required to pay the extra cost

op 14 juni 2021 over Camelot Europe in de categorie Vastgoed

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When I signed the contract with Camelot Europe, I specifically asked for I only need a six-month lease and one of the employees, Sophie, replied We don’t have a limited contract, but we do have an unlimited contract. When I was about to leave after six months, I was told by a Camelot employee that if you want to terminate the contract, you need to inform me one month in advance, otherwise you will have to pay an additional two months’ fee.

But the problem is that the first page of the contract Sophie sent me says: after this initial period has expired, both parties are competent to terminate the lease having
regarded the concerned legal cancellation period;
E: That this lease is an agreement is not for a limited time, shorter than two years as specified in Article 7:271 section 1 BW , which Article 7:271 section 1 BW, and does not exist in the contract at all! (I skimmed the contract and couldn’t find where Article 7:271 section 1 BW was.)
So I called the Camelot employee to find out what to do if I wasn’t informed of this in advance, because obviously, if there is a treaty like this, you should be clearly informed of your tenent, not just in the contract, but before you sign the contract. Instead of helping me out, Laura didn’t even listen to my explanation, she just kept pushing me to pay 2 months extra rent and sent me a screenshot of this clause from one of the inconspicuous places in the middle of the 35 page contract. (Yes, not in other colors, or bolded, but just hidden in an obscure corner of the 35 page contract, and not specifically stated when you sign the contract with them)
The feeling is like, they know a lot of people will break this treaty because of it. The funny thing is that I kept stressing to Sophie before I signed the contract that I was only going to live there for six months, but she still didn’t tell me the rules when she drew up the contract for me.
I feel very aggrieved, it is not my responsibility, it is a sign of unprofessionalism of Camelott staff. I am just a student and every money was planned for what I would spend, but now I am being treated in such a way by Camelot that makes me feel so sad.

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Acknowledging that this is the unprofessionalism of their employees, the vague contract, and they no longer require me to pay an additional two months' rent.

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