Klacht: Security Threatening

op 20 januari 2014 over Utrecht Centraal Station Security Staff in de categorie klachtmelden

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First of all I would like to apologise for contacting you in English as my Nederlands is not complete enough to express myself for this complaint.

This evening at 20,10pm I came back from work in the intercity coming from Amstel Station. At the Hall in the station I was taking a picture with my iPhone and a security came to me asking me for my ID card. As he is a security I have not hesitated and just provided him this item but then, he has started asking me where I am going to publish the pictures, where am I sending them to, to whom, etc etc, and then I asked him for my ID card as I have found those questions quite a lot no sense. I have asked him for his name also(Refused).

I have responded that it’s my telephone and I do take pictures whenever and wherever I like, that is what I have a camera for and he started threatening me way of like is taking note of my ID in the cover of his notebook and will come to me if I do publish the pictures. As I found it very strange, also his manners, I asked him please to provide me with a legal form informing me about this rules, obviously, it has not happened as he has taken note of my personal details like the kid taking notes of telephones in a napkin. Now I would like to know a couple of things:

1. Is secure that this persons take notes of personal information without giving back a legal form? I am afraid my data can be used for ilegal purposes.

2. Are there some restrictions in order to publish pictures taken at a train station?

3. How can I claim any compensation as I find this behaviour ilegal? I even thought that this person was about to bite me. I feel myself so frustrated now.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thank you in advance


Gewenste Oplossing:

This person asking me sorry. This person to be more polite and this security company taking more cares of this staff and if possible, this person to be fired up. Also economy compensation.

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