Klacht: Only finished 50% of what we payed for

op 14 september 2017 over Pluimers Isolatie BV in de categorie Klusbedrijven

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Be carefull when you contact this company. I contacted them because they were recomanded by my energy supplier so I trusted them to be good. This was in december 2016. In spring 2017 they came to isolate my house 2-3months after agreed date. So I didnt have isolation for the coldest period when I wanted (and got promiced) to have it.

Further more, when I was climbing under the house in the summer 2017 I discover that they “forgot” to isolate the full house which I payed for. Now they say they will come back to do it. But they do not schedule a time.

If you hire this company, be sure to not pay anything until its safe to climb under hour house and inspect that every thing is isolated according to your agreement.

This was in the Amsterdam area by the way.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I would like they to come and finish the isolation I payed for. Furthermore I would like them to pay parts of my heating fees for last year when it was promised to be delivered.
If I knew they could not deliver I would have gone for a cheeper option (Pluimers are high price and brag about quality), and earn money on booth heating because the job got done and the price of the isolation.

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