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op 19 juli 2017 over inhoofdzaak in de categorie Adviesbureau

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Dear sir/ madam.
I would like to mention that a man called Mr. Sekander who represents Inhoofdxaak company came to my house and talked to me to register with Innova company for the energy. I told him that I am satisfied with Eneco. He told me many faked things and explained the rules of Innova. For example he said that Innova is working together with Eneco, and because I have an amount of money which I have to pay to Eneco every month and this will be a problem if I change the company and I have to pay Eneco them the whole amount of money in one time he told me that is not a problem at all because the two company have a deal about that and you have a company for 1 man then this is another thing.
Also he told me that I will get about 500 euro after one year from Innova which are the save of energy with this company.
I told him that I do not work with my 1 man company and I will leave it he said if you do so then you can delete the contract with Innova.
I trusted him and he take my parker pen with him, but I discover that all what he said is not a real. after I tried to called him many times I failed indeed and I called his company and they said he did not work with them any more. I asked them to let me contact him if they can they said we will call his new manager. and they did not do anything to me.
I called them many times and also Innova to explain the problem and what Mr Sekander did. I asked them to delete the contract because I am not satisfied and the base is not right and also I am satisfied with Eneco but they refused and said we can do nothing for you and they are happy just because the are winning a new customer!!
I said that the third person is who made the contract is not available and we need to see him and he run away. I the third person is not available and there is a doubt on him how can we keep on with our contract!?
We are in the country of the high law and I believe that somebody will protect me.
I leaved my original country with my family because we are looking for the safety and the freedom and we are now happy because we are Dutch people but we feel sad to face such people like Sekander, Inhoofdzaak and even Innova. They do not appreciate our condition and do not respect us because do not care and keep on. I thought that it may be good to go to the police but I found your website and i have a hope to contact you.

I would like to complain on Inhoofdzaak, Mr. Sekander and Innova.
I believe that the companies have to get rid of such kind of people like Mr. Sekander because will make a bad effect on the organizational structure of our country the Netherlands which we have all to keep stronger.

Please forgive if I prolonged and accept my regards and thanks.

Gewenste Oplossing:

If the new contract with Innova is deleted and I can keep on with my old contract with Eneco.
Also it is very important to me to see Mr. Sekander and speak to him and ask him why did he do that, and we have to protect the others from such people.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst over deze klacht over inhoofdzaak

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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