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op 18 juli 2012 over IND in de categorie klachtmelden

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I am Enschede Dingal Chavez, I was been aupair in Haarlem for a year. Sometime in august 2011 my boyfriend and I ask for my partnership visa for me to stay in the Netherlands. The person who assisted us said my papers were okay so we paid the amount and waited. After 3 months waiting for the results( end of november 2011) we got a letter that my paper weren’t okay. I am very upset because I think if you apply for a serious matters you should tell the applicant right away that the papers weren’t good, so that we can take an action right away. The papers we are talking about is from the Philippines. I need to process it from the top. The IND gave us very short time for it to process. So my boyfriend sent them a letter that we need more time for getting my papers from the Philippines. Through some technical problems from the IND they didn’t get our letter. Beginning January 2012 we got our papers from the philippines.We sent it right away, a week later we got a letter from them that they will stop the processing because they haven’t heard from us. So we need to send an appeal letter to them. Luckily they accepted it and promised us to get a result from them on 27 april 2012. We didn’t get any from them. After a week my boyfriend called them again to ask what’s going on with my papers. They said: because they reprocess it,they can give us a result after 6 months,they promised me again on 16 july 2012. Until now we haven’t heard from them. We called again again and they just said we have to wait. I mean ive been waiting for my whole life already! They keep giving us dates hoping it will come but nothing happen! What is the problem? Are they really working in there? Or just taking money from the people who desperately wanted to live in the Netherlands? Because that’s what I see in them now! I am married now with him, and dying to do something. I can do nothing without that stupid ID from them. what’s the problem?

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make sure you have to process it ontime, if you made a promise stand by it. if you have a deadline you have to do it. i want to get it done!!!

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