Klacht: Fraud

op 14 september 2016 over Roobol in de categorie Interieurbedrijven

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We had ordered blinds/curtains from Roobol for our newly installed double glass window on top floor.
When the guy came to from Roobol to install/fix the blinds, we showed him the window were he had to fix it. After showing him he start doing his thing and we left the room to do our things. After sometime he came down and said he was done with fixing the blinds, but he is missing a small part a railing. Which he will bring in a week or so. He had closed the blinds so we could not see outside, and he said leave like this because the railing is missing and it might damage the blinds if you try to open or close. We said ok, we will wait for the railing., and he left.
Few days later, it got hot in the room and I opened the window, when I opened window I saw cracks in the glass (The blinds were fixed on the window and the wall ). The very next day I contacted Roobol alexandrium were we bought the blinds, they told us we have to contact the head office.
We called and wrote emails to head office, explaining them what had happened. And they just ignored us, and only thing they said do you have “proof”.
And to my shock someone came to fix the rail, that was missing, and it was not the same person. When he looked at the window, he said to they guy who fixed these blinds did not fix them write,and because of that your glass is crack, and it cracked from the inside too, so he had not doubts that the glass was broken by the first person that came to fix the blinds. He also said he will mention that to the office, we thanked them and left.
Then we contact the Roobol again, and the said they guy who came to fix the railing was not a window expert he normally fixes floors. And the said only contact us when you have proof. I just wonder do people install camaras in their bedrooms facing the window, or do people start making a video of every move a person makes when he come to fix something at home…..

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Roobol broke my window, and therefore they should fix it too.

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