Klacht: a charge of stealing

op 25 mei 2012 over Etos in de categorie Drogisterijen

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Dear Sir/Madam,

On the 21 May I had an incident with one of the personnel in Etos on Friderik Hendriklaan 83a at 13:50-13:55.
Your personal * ( I got this name from her) attacked me by accusing of stealing 2 Rimmer foundations.
I came to the shop with my son on a buggy buying some staff and looking around for the make-up products.I took to my hand 2 Rimmer foundation to compare colors. After that I put those bottles on the same place and I went to pay for rest of the items. By the kassa * came to me and shouted on me in front of other clients with the question “where I have that 2 foundation” I was surprised and answered in a shock that I do not understand. So again she asked sharper for the same products and I answered that on this same place at Rimmel shelf. She answered that 2 Rimmers foundations are missing. I answered that I put on the same place and maybe in the meantime someone have taken them. She went there to check Rimmer shelf. I asked another shop assistant I was paying to if every client is treated like that. She came again saying that they are not there and started to be more aggressive to me and unaccepting my answer so I just asked her if is she accusing me for stealing that? More people in the shop started to turn their gazes on me and I was extremely blushing and shaking because of occurring situation.
* was still convinced that I hid 2 foundations somewhere in my personal staff.
I was certain that I did not do anything wrong only looking for the best product that can match my skin color asked her but not allowing” do you want to search me out?. After that she jumped behind the kassa to me and my son direction who was in a buggy and started to search him and a buggy out. I was completely shocked and said to her “how you dare”? She touched my son, looked behind his back if I hid something there. That behavior was a big lack of ethical behavior. How client can be treated in that way, humiliated in front of people that could even know you. I was insulted to the limit of sumits.
I paid for my products stressed out and said to * that “you should at least apology “. She did not say any word.
After 5 minutes I came back to ask her about a name, she wrote down on a piece of paper name *.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I expect that * will apology me in a proper way together with a manager for the occurred incident.
I was shoping in that Etos very often and now if I will meet * I will be scared that she can be rude.
I would like to emphasize that I was never ever accused of thieving something and if it is not allowed in Etos to watch, touch and take to a hand a product that should be announced to every client at the entrance

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