Klacht: 25 % Discount? Liars

op 17 juli 2016 over thuisbezorgd.nl in de categorie Websites - Online eten bestellen

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So I don’t order from them normally but they send me an email saying I’ve a coupon for 25% discount. I thought lets use it. When I ordered my food, it said yes u get 25% discount and now u will pay this amount and not the original amount.

When my food arrived, the delivery guy charged me full. I told him there is some misunderstanding as I got 25% discount but he didn’t know anything about that neither did the restaurant owners. We wasted a good half hour on this and then thuisbezorgd told the restaurant that the voucher is only valid if I pay online not just order online.

I then called thiusbezorgd myself and they said the same thing. i asked them if that was the case then why did my order go? Because when I ordered my food it said your discount is counted and now u pay this amount of money instead of the original. If they said no u have to pay online for the coupon to work then I’d have paid online, what problem would I have paying online?

There excuse was that I didn’t read carefully and its not their fault.

I ordered a big meal for couple of people thinking of the discount which I didn’t get. On top of that it wasted my time and the time of the restaurant then it further wasted my time and money when I called them and asked for clarification which they didn’t have any.

So I will never order food from them. I’d suggest everyone to just call the restaurant of your choice and directly order food from them, that way thuisbezorgs won’t get any money from you or from the restaurant.

its just doing the job of the middle man and not doing it very good and no need for such middle man.

Screw them.

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1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst over deze klacht over thuisbezorgd.nl

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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