Klacht: wrong delivery made, and keukenkampioen refuses to take any actions

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The job was very simple: I only wanted a specific kitchen-top to be made for my kitchen and to be mounted on it, but my the champions managed to mess everything up.

After 4 months of waiting and having issue after issue for something that was suppose to take 5 weeks (order was made on 25th of October and delivery was done on 18th Of February), the top was mounted.
After the montage, I noticed that the thickness is completely wrong.
I have ordered 4cm top, where the stone is 2cm thick and is than esthetically made to look like 4cm, but they have used 1.2cm to make it look like 4cm.
I specifically wanted 2cm, since I know this is natural stone and I know that the dissipation of heat from the dishwasher bellow the top will be a problem for 1cm top.
After I complained, I was ignored for 4 months, and finally (after sending countless number of emails waiting for replay) I got some crappy explanation, that the guy that did the measuring wrote down it should be 1.2cm.
I agree on what needs to be done with a salesperson, which creates a price for me, and than they use the details form the measuring guy.
When I told them that this does not make sense at all, they came up with a purchase order on which there is no signature of mine at all, on which there are internal codes, and they told me this “code” means 1.2cm.—WHAT?!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me??!?!?!?
When someone goes into a shop and asks for something and agrees on that, he expects that the sales guy giving him the word that this will be done is enough.
Nobody is expected to know your codes or whatever’s, because this is your internal code and if there is no explanation what they are how can I see what it is? How can I check what it is? I can trust the sales guy’s word, which in this case seems not to be enough.
Than after I asked for escalation, I got to a regional manager again and had a call with him.
And listen to this golden nugget now.
The expiation it self is awesome and it sums up my experience with this company in a nutshell.

First of all no apology that they made a mistake, which came as a bit of a surprise, but I soon got to know also why.
His answer on my complaint about the surface being too thin and I can feel the heat from the dishwasher was, quote (and I can not stress this enough, that this is amazing answer and shows the level of appreciation they have for customers): Well you requested 2cm, but we decided to make it 1.2cm since it looks the same. -WOW!!!!!! Now even better next sentence: “We always do this, and nobody complains” -WOW again.

Imagine your self going to a BMW dealer and you request to buy BMW series 3.
Than you say I want to get the 325 (2.5l engine)
You agree on the buying price.
Than they deliver you the car, and it is 318 (it looks the same, just the engine is 1.8l).
What will you do???
You are paying for 325 and specifically wanted this for a reason but it is cheaper for them to order 318 and sell it to you as 325.
Than they tell you, we always do this and nobody complains, so it is fine.

Nobody complaining to you, doesn’t make it ok for you to do it.
So I complained now and obviously, you dont know how to handle it.
Now also I am posting this here and on every site for kitchens in the country that I can find, so people can find it, and next time when you say it is OK and nobody complains, they will have a reference to tell you in your face that you are a LAIR.

I want you to send me an official explanation as of why you dont want to fix the mess you have done so far and have someone spend 10minutes to construct me that official response about my complaint and sent it to me in a written form. After that I will take that with my legal representative and consider my options and next steps.

Gewenste Oplossing:

when all of the points bellow are met the issue can be considered as resolved:

-send me an official statement (on written) as of why this mistake was done
-fix the mistake and send me exactly what I requested for (than you can take the one you already installed), or make correction in the invoice to reflect the change you delivered, while in the same time you give me (on written) your warranty that in case something happens with the top (including but not limited to damage, breakage,discoloration...) becuase of the heat from the dishwasher or because of strength used to make pizza/pasta dough you will take full responsibility and replace the top with the correct one I ordered.
I have knowingly requested this top to be very specific in thickness for a purpose and you have abused my trust to over sell something for your own cheeper coasts, so if you are telling me there is no difference, prove it to me by doing the things I requested!!!

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Keuken Kampioen over deze klacht.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Deze klacht is zojuist door Keuken Kampioen in behandeling genomen

Bericht van Keuken Kampioen

1 jaar geleden - Dear mister Aleksov, We have received your report and inform you of the following. We maintain our position as indicated in the mail of 7.07.2016. For further questions you can contact the branch manager of the showroom. With kind regards, Daan - Webcare Keuken Kampioen

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1 jaar geleden - Please send me on written here your response on my complaint. You have not send me any details. I need official response from you!!! You can not lie to people and than you hide and not respond. I created complaint agains you and I expect official response to be send. Send me the official response!!! I dont see what are you not understanding here?!?! Take 10min of your "busy" day and do your job....WRITE ME AN OFFICIAL RESPONSE. Thank you.

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