Klacht: Thin, useless foam on spring mattress.

op 30 augustus 2018 over Bed World in de categorie Bedden

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Because I am over the 14 day return period, this company wont even answer my emails. The delivery of the mattress was also out of the promised schedule and I was not given a tracktrace number. This mattress gives me pain every single night, and I want this company to take responsibility for their products.

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I want this mattress switched for a decent one, or my money back, or given a better coverage because the foam covering the springs is NOT doing its job. And I want it done quickly, as I do not have spare beds.

Reactie van de melder van de klacht micaelaq

7 maanden geleden - The company contacted me 11 days after I sent them an email. Coincidentally, they did so rather quickly after I started posting reviews online. They did offer to switch my mattress, but my partner likes it so on the end I desisted of making the switch. So, do with this information what you will.

Reactie van de melder van de klacht micaelaq

7 maanden geleden - They really don't listen, I specifically said in the email I wasn't going through with the exchange, and they sent it anyways. If they had half the interest in really solving customer complaints than they do in trying to look good for online reviews, there wouldn't be any complaints in the first place. Now I have to take time from my busy morning to send back a product I specifically said I did not want in the first place. More seriousness and less games would do Bed World better.

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