Klacht: a constant cycle of repeats

op 04 april 2011 over Veronica TV in de categorie Omroepen

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veronica is a disgrace, they should have their broadcasting license revoked.
When a series reaches the last episode then that series is OVER, time for something else. But Veronica couldn’t care less about the viewers, they simply start again the next day at episode one.
This week Two & a Half Men started again at the beginning… for the third time !! Why don’t they just change their name to the Charlie Sheen channel or the Big Bang Theory channel or (inset name here of endlessly repeated series…) ?

Gewenste Oplossing:

Simple. Put some other programmes on... you know, like a tv sender is supposed to do. Maybe they should fire the scheduling staff, maybe they should fire the management,I don't know,but there needs to be a shake-up at this PATHETIC channel who do not care about the viewers,only the sponsors (patatje joppie,justeat.nl etc etc)!!

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