Klacht: Stolen personal details and now I am being asked to pay

op 20 mei 2020 over Reizendeals.nl in de categorie Online Reisbureaus

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Lately I’ve been receiving many emails and calls from reizendeals and a debt collecting company from this website. However, i have never used it. I think my personal information was stolen ; name, number, email, and address to place a bid and now they keep requesting that I pay for it. I do not want to pay for it because it has nothing to do with me and I am constantly being harassed with phone calls.

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I would like to stop receiving emails asking me to pay for something i never asked from because I think there was some sort of identity fraud. And definitely do not want to pay the price

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Heeft op 20 mei 2020 om 10:37 geantwoord

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Dear mrs Gaugirard,

We are very sorry to read your complaint.

We have received the highest bid on one of our deals, with your name, adress and email adress.

When a customer wants to place a bid at one of our online auctions, they must create an account on our website. While creating an account, they must verify the account by a link we send to the email adress. Afterwards it is possible to participate on the auction.

After reading your complaint, we have send you our fraudform by email. With this form we can verify if there has been committed any fraud.

We received the fraudform and investigated the situation. We have send the results by email.

Kind regards,
Team Reizendeals

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