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op 19 juni 2017 over PostNL in de categorie Koeriersbedrijven en post

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My family sentido me a pakket from Spain 3 weeks ago, we have follow the pakket track and is suppose to be in Amsterdam in NLAMSA company.i nevera been noticed of my pakket, i do not know where is it!!!!! VV77504469ES please give me some info otherwise i will asumes someone robber my pakket and i will go to the police yo make a report. Groetjes, pilar

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Heeft op 19 juni 2017 om 13:15 geantwoord

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Hello Sir,Madam De la Selva,

Thank you for your message on this website. I understand you're expecting a parcel from Spain but it hasn't been delivered yet.

I have checked this tracking number for you but I couldn't find anything. This means we didn't receive this parcel yet. There for I advice you to contact the sender (your family) so they can contact the Spanish shipping company which they have used to send this parcel with. They can start an inquiry for you for this parcel.

I hope I have informed you enough.

With kind regards,

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