Klacht: Package stuck with no progress for over a week and no information provided to me or the sender via customer service.

Nero Wolfgang op 06 december 2021 over DHL in de categorie Koeriersbedrijven en post

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I have a very expensive computer which has been shipped on a pallet from the sending company. This was shipped over 7 days ago and has had no updates since arriving at DHL.

The sending company have opened an investigation but they have had no updates on this.

When I contact customer service I am given no information on the status or whereabouts of my package and no one has even confrimed if it is at the DHL sorting center. The first person I spoke to said it was not, the second said it might be.

This is over €6000 worth of computer and I find it increadable no one can find this package on a pallet and provide an update in over 7 days.

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I would like to know where my package is and confrim that it has not been lost, then delivered at the earliest availablity.

Or if the package is lost I wanted it confrimed as such ASAP so I can work with the seller to get a replacement.

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1 maand geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar DHL over deze klacht.

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Heeft op 06 december 2021 om 17:55 geantwoord

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Good afternoon,

Thank you for you message.

I am sorry you have not received the parcel yet. I have checked this for you and according to our systems the shipper has started an inquiry for you within DHL for more information. We will contact the shipper immediately if we have the results. Therefore I advise you to stay in contact with the shipper for more information about the inquiry. I hope this will be solved soon. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

DHL Parcel E-care

Nero Wolfgang

Heeft op 07 december 2021 om 23:33 geantwoord

Hi Sam,

The sender have said they heard back from the investigation and the package is just stuck in the DHL system and there is nothing more they can do.

I don’t understand how the package can be “stuck” when I have had other deliveries from DHL sent after this one and have already arrived.

I would greatly appreciate a further explanation of the meaning of “stuck” and what can be done to un-stick this and progress the delivery before the end of the year.


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