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op 21 mei 2016 over Seats and Sofas in de categorie Meubelwinkels

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and a dinner table from this store at February 27th and the salesman said that for sure I would receive this order over 4 to 6 weeks. Off course that was not true and after this period I called to the store to find out what happened then a lady said that actually my order has a schedule of 8 to 12 weeks.
2. Later on I received some flyers at home where the same couch that I bought with the same fabric was 100 euros less than I paid (I negotiated the order amount with the salesman) and they were giving some kitchen present as well. In my case because I negotiated a discount I didn’t receive anything.
3. Well the deadline is over and I’ve been complaining on customer service of Seat and Sofa website and facebook page but I haven’t received any feedback from them.

I’m afraid that I won’t receive my order and I’ll have to wait more and more time. In my case I don’t have an old couch and table because I just moved to Netherlands recently.

Ordernummer: 1010-10309864
Klantnummer: 1000-420337
Megastore: Amersfoort

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I want my order "NOW" or my 100% money back

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5 maanden geleden - Dear Leandro Storoli, Thank you for your message. We're sorry to read that you haven't received your order yet. To help you in the best way possible, I forwarded your message to the right department. They will contact you as soon as possible. With kind regards, Angela Customer service Seats and Sofas

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Seats and Sofas

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No, this weekend completed 12 weeks, I bought it at the end of the week 8, so if you consider week 9 until now, this weekend completed 12 weeks. For me is very clear that you are not concerned about the customer and services and you didn't propose anything to solve my problem also, even to borrow a couch I would have to pay to pick it up. I just hope that everything that I ordered (couch and table) will be fine when I pick it up, I hope that I won't have any problem with that.

Thanks and Regards.

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