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I used to watch this programme on TV when duurwaarder comes to a house and people ran a way from home. Because of this or that. I never understood that. What\’s yours to pay it will catch you or on a bridge or a harbour.

I got in a trouble with GGN. I didn\’t speak good Dutch and I understand now that I made a mistake. So I need to pay whats mine to pay. Bedrag: x
I start my \”schulden onder de knee te zetten\”. After the conversation with Martina from GGN we agree on payment 120 euro per month.
I was paying per month and then one day I received one brief per post.
You need to pay all in one or we take your car.
I was devastated. My auto is cheap and I need it as my son has the asthma. I called them to check whats going on. The woman didn\’t want to speak to me. She said you ll pay or we take your car and you need to pay still XXXX
I was disappointed. The woman, full of prejudices spoke to me as the biggest lier on the world, when I said I\’m paying per month and there most be something went wrong.
She didn\’t listen. She treats me as a lier, no respect at all. Maybe because of my last name or because im coming from outside. I live here 5 years and life has been not either appeltje for me. She should have some understanding for newcomers.
I went to the bank. My payment really never went that month cause I put the wrong rekening number. Its truth. I wrote to GGN everything. I sent all documents. I sent my Paperslips how much I earn per month. My \”maandelijske schulden\” No. No tolerance, No respect. No listening.

This woman just didn\’t care.

I just borrow money and I spoke to Martina from GGN. She was full of understanding but she couldn\’t help me cause my case had now other women. I can write her name if necessary. No problem.
I paid XX that month cause i borrowed money.
GGN is taking my zorgtoeslag from belastingdinst. That\’s another X.
And I still pay x per month.
I mean is that really necessary to do that? I understand GGN has a bad experience But we ARE not all the same! Is that the option for GGN of a satisfaid client?
I started to understand when people ran away. Probably they get crazy and nobody listen what they have 2 say!
I apologise to that woman. I said yes you are right. Im wrong. Ill take more attention next time when i make a payment. She never show empathy.

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Before this woman left me brief at home that she will take my car I was paying my payment normally.
I will be very satisfied if we come back to that day. When may bedrag was X and not XXXX.
Because if start position is that all imigrants the same we are NOT ALL THE SAME! As I said, what is my to pay, I ll pay. Or on bridge, or on harbour!!! But this is too much. I earn 530 Eur per month and this is the big shock for me. Hopefully, we can find together the solution.

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