Klacht: need the parcel this week, as i moving house

op 04 oktober 2017 over PostNL in de categorie Koeriersbedrijven en post

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my folks back india has sent me a parcel which has reached amsterdam, but i need it to be delivered this week, as i m moving house by friday.

the consignment no. is CM043585070IN

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88 betsy perklaan 1187pp

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Heeft op 04 oktober 2017 om 10:08 geantwoord

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Dear sir, madam Garg,

You have a question about the parcel that was sent to you from India. I have taken a look at the status and I am glad to see that it got delivered on the 27th of September.

If you have questions in the future you can always reach us at our costumer service; http://www.postnl.nl/klantenservice/

Kind regards,

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