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op 28 juli 2017 over PostNL in de categorie Koeriersbedrijven en post

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My friend ordered birthday present for me. We can follow packet, and we see that it stock at AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL MAIL CENTRE. I live in Maastricht. We don’t know what’s going on. The id of packet is RR956954983PL. My address: Koningsplein 62M, 6224EG Maastricht.

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Please, could you send this packet to my address?

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Heeft op 28 juli 2017 om 15:01 geantwoord

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Dear miss Kus,

Thanks for your message in the first place. In this message you indicated that you were expecting a parcel from Poland, but that you didn't know where it was at the moment. I can understand this was a bit confusing.

I've had a look at the status of your parcel, but I see that you already picked it up at the Formido. I'm glad to read this. Enjoy your birthday present!

When you have any other questions in the future it's also possible to contact our customer service. You can reach it via postnl.nl/klantenservice.

Kind regards,

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