Klacht: my letter was lost

op 13 september 2017 over PostNL in de categorie Koeriersbedrijven en post

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On 24.08 I send a letter from poland to my friend in netherland, yesterday i chacked the tracking info on post.nl and the letter was ready to picking up on a post office in heerlen, plus heerleheide. Today my friend tried to pik it up, but today my latter is already not on the system, the information is : No valid barcode was entered. My barcode was RR080857276PL. The nice lady on post office were looking for my letter by adress, but the letter is missing., What can I do now? It was very important.

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when my friend get my letter.

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Heeft op 13 september 2017 om 11:42 geantwoord

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Dear mr, mrs Florczyk,

Thank you for your message on this website. I understand that you have send a letter to The Netherlands and it hasn't been delivered yet.

I have checked this parcel for you and I see it has been delivered on the 5the of September. If this isn't the case I advice you to contact the delivery company which you have used to send this letter with.

I hope I have informed you enough. I wish you a good day further.

Kind regards,

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