Klacht: Slecht Autodealer – Mark Cluwen Autos, Haarlem

op 10 mei 2011 over Mark Cluwen Auto in de categorie Autodealers

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Hi, today I came to Mark Cluwen Auto’s in Haarlem to buy the car and they had very rude attitude! This is their second big glass showroom, corner of Grijpensteinweg and Munterslaan, next to their first garage on Maxwell 14, in Haarlem. I wanted to buy specific car and of course listen to its engine, but Mark Cluwen Autos said they do not have time for me. If I want to buy this car, I need to pay first, then they will prepare it and only then I can hear the engine sound, otherwise I am not serious about purchase! Then Mark Cluwen Autos also said I need to go away because I do not want to buy anything, although I brought with me cash from my bank for a purchase. The man who representing Mark Cluwen Autos was rude to me and constantly smoking heavy cigar all the time and I even had tears in my eyes because of smoke. I have found Mark Cluwen Autos place very dirty. Generally their cars not washed, filthy and stinky inside and with the attitude Mark Cluwen Autos have towards you it is under a big question why these people have a license to sell cars??? I would never recommend to anyone buy car from Mark Cluwen Autos in Haarlem.

Gewenste Oplossing:

To check Mark Cluwen Autos car sell license. Do they really allowed to sell cars with this attitude and in such a dirty conditions?

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