Klacht: I have been asked to pay for something to Aurea which I didn’t ask for it!

op 23 augustus 2016 over Straetus in de categorie Incassobureaus

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I have received an invoice from Administratiekantoor Aurea for something which I didn\’t ask for it. And now I have received another invoice with much higher price to pay it!

let me summarize the real story:

1. I asked for the price from company X if they can do some tasks.
2. The company X mentioned that we are not sure if we can do it or not, we need more information in order to estimate it.
3. me: ok
4. X said we need to gain more information from DNB. and we need more info.
5. me: Here are more info but first I need a cost estimate and a plan.
6. X: no worries for the cost, we will prepare the plan after we got the information. We want to be sure about it.
7. X got some news: and semd me an email here are some info and some links (All in Dutch)
8. company X charged me to pay x EUR

Gewenste Oplossing:

Why should I pay to something which I didn\'t ask for it?
I would like to get the evidence which I asked Aurea to do it.
I would like to get the details of what Aurea did and how it is related to me?

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