Klacht: Horrible insurance company!

op 15 december 2017 over Aegon in de categorie Verzekering

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It is a fact. Horrible insurance company with 32 complaints reported
and 1.5/10 assessment percentage. Even my students with intellectual disabilities didn’t get such a score!.
They never show up when you call them, remotely screw poor people lifes with delay and information requests faraway from Den Haag, while investing with people’s monthly payments.
They are busy selling and buy shares, building financial empire on the hopes of the poor people like you and me.
I have a open case still since September 13, 2017. They never show up! Their damage claims teams deal with the clients disrespectfully.

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Shut it down. Sue them in the court of law.

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Reactie van de melder van de klacht H Alcharif

1 maand geleden - ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: H Alcharif Date: 15 December 2017 at 18:14 Subject: Klacht: Mr Teklezghi, T: Re: Schnr.: 7854076-23774 Polnr.: 711509118 Dosnr.: 1778766400 To: Schade@aegon.nl Honoroble Madame/Mr the complains officer of Aegon; I hereby resend again my formal response to CED Rotterdam, declining this current and/or any other future requests provided by Mr Temes Teklezghi of the brand schade team, and I formally request removing him from this case. I have just finished with a phone call with CED, and I understood that Mr Temes have asked once again Mr Van Loop of CED to write me back in the same concern, disregarding my formal response (Please find it below). Mr Teklezghi doesn't have my trust to request nor to intervene in this case whatsoever. I consider him responsible on the delay and prolonging my damage process case. He may learnt economics in Rotterdam, and may have 11 years experience with Aegon, but I stress, he should additionally learn to respect clients written requests and decisions. My further research following him additionally provide indications that he might be nonprofessional in handling people cases. However, It should not be this Mr Temes Teklezghi to request or decide which party to come to my place. My legel adviser, and maybe the court of law whom may decide about this case, certainly not him!. He, along with his entire team are just distrustful to me. With all due respect, H Alcharif ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: H Alcharif Date: 11 December 2017 at 22:07 Subject: Re: Schnr.: 7854076-23774 Polnr.: 711509118 Dosnr.: 1778766400 To: info.property@ced.group Cc: Madam/Mr the representative of CED Nederlands; First of all I must draw your attention to an essential mistake I found in the file I received form you. The policy number!. Please be advised that my policy number is: 711509117, not 711509118. With all due respect to your well respected institution in Rotterdam, I stress that I requested a different institution located in Gelderland to assess and conduct the repairing works. I therefore would ask you kindly provide me a with copy of the order that you received from Aegon to arrange for this appointment. As you may notice in the letter you sent yourself; The damage was reported in September 13, 2017. Your institution should have been notified up to 13 days following my initial report according the schadewizer policy that I agreed with Aegon on, and this is what I personally asked for myself in my very first contact with the insurance company. The noneprofissionality in handling this case by Aegon damage claims team makes it take over two months for unexplained reasons. Your letter date is December 8, 2017. I find this is very unacceptable. I can only interpret Aegon teams behavior in terms of discrimination and personal insult. The delay of handling this damage came with negative impacts on my daily life activity, health, and prospective professional project. Your institution is specialized in handling vocational materialistic damages. You unfortunately do not have the expertise to assess the secondary but more serious damages that occurred as result of this prolonged unexplained delay period, neither the expertise to even understand medical reports. I therefore find myself obligated to decline your offer, and go for more efficient way to appropriately handle it. Finally, it is so unfortunate for such simple case, to be my first youtube uploaded document: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf3RkW7iw6s With my kind regards, H Alcharif 2017-12-08 7:39 GMT+01:00 : Geachte relatie, In bijlage treft u een schrijven aan inzake onderstaand dossier. Dossiergegevens: ------------------------------ Dossiernummer CED : 1778766400 Schadenummer : 7854076-23774 Polisnummer : 711509118 Schadedatum : 13-09-2017 Object : INBOEDEL Met vriendelijke groet, CED Nederland

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