Klacht: Disrespectful and non professional behavior to customer wrongfully accused of shoplifting

op 02 juni 2017 over Big Bazar in de categorie Huishoudelijke winkels

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I write this letter to make a complain about the behavior of an employee of Big Bazaar who disrespect customers.

It concerns my female friend. She accompanied me on my request to the Big Bazar of the shopping center Kronenburg (Arnhem).
At the time of entering the store the security gate has tripped and the alarm went off. The employees of Big Bazar checked the bag of my friend obviously without success. The last employee was particularly unpleasant by using a disrespecting tone towards my friend. I was completely shocked by this way of doing things.
I tried to clarify the situation that my friend did not yet enter the store, that her bag was new and that probably the anti-shop lifting tags set off the alarm.
The employee scarcely allowed me to place a few words, systematically cut off my speech, and always repeated her radical threat to call the security in the same furious tone without giving us the opportunity to explain.
Her arrogant attitude put me out of myself because I confess that I do not usually get assaulted and threatened in this way.
I asked to speak to one of her superiors. To my surprise I was told that she was the store manager. In addition to stubbornly holding on to us, the employee physically blocked us from leaving the store to pass our nerves and eventually provoke us.

I think there are ways of saying things and that it is not normal to be treated as a less than nothing because an employee suddenly wants to crush the first person who comes to her.
This story is shameful. Especially when it is known that the employee did not express any regrets and did not formulate any type of excuse despite the fact that my friend was falsely accused.

My friend is foreign who does not know how to express herself well and the Big Bazar employee brutally treated her.
We tried to get a dialogue with her in the office of the security crew of the center but we got a total absence of apologies or signs of regret even if the employee was clearly wrong

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If the storemanager will make her excuse for not acting professionaly and wrongfully accusing my friend.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

4 jaren geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Big Bazar over deze klacht.

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