Klacht: dhl simply does not care to fix problems.

op 02 augustus 2017 over DHL in de categorie Koeriersbedrijven en post

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23 july : shipment information received

28 july: expected to be delivered end by the day

28july : shipment on hold

29july : shipment on hold

2 augustus: with delivery courier

2 augustus: deliverd to wrong adress , signed by wrong person

Augustus 2 Dhl : our courier made a mistake well call u tommorow

Augustus 3: package is traced, we will pick it up Nd deliver it for u today

6pm dhl is closing! Dhl: the person handling the case will call you tommorow( after they promised to deliver today like wauw) – i decided to call the direct number of that person, and guess what courier didnt pick it up yet and it wont come today. dhl: ill call back before i leave to go home. * she calls back Dhl: we got the package but we cant deliver it anymore today tomorrow at 2 we will be there.

So after working a midnight shift i had to get called out of my sleep for a package that ends up not coming today, its should be a priority to fix mess ups caused by dhl immediatly! My package that got delivered by DHL to a wrong adress should have been nr 1! Why do i need to be patient with yall! Yall should have done EVERYTHING to get me my package TODAY!! I needa sit at the house like a freaking FOOL so that yall can decide to switch upon me just like that?! ” well our courier is going a different direction” I DONT CARE MAKE HIM DELIVER MY PACKAGE CAUSE IVE BEEN PATIENT ENOUGHHHHHH like im beyond livid with dhl im gon put this everywhere so everybody knows not to mess with yall no more.

You needa call dhl like 50000 times cause u cant trust them! Their story keeps on changing like this is how unreliable they are its beyond sickening.
im so pissed my package is valuable i paid €100+ to get it and now here they go treating the issue so lightly.

be wise when you place your orders ! u cant rely on dhl.

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i wont satisfied untill i get my package safe and sound. see its a fact they dont care about nobody, they put in zero effort, u needa be the one to be patient while they make all the mistakes and waste your whole day with lame excusses! i sat at the house waiting all day yesterday and today FOR NOTHING!

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Heeft op 02 augustus 2017 om 14:05 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

I am sorry to hear you are not happy with our services. I am afraid this complaint is about DHL Express. We are from DHL Parcel and therefor there is nothing I can do to help you with your problem. I advice you to contact DHL Express again regarding your complaint.
Kind Regards,
DHL Parcel Webcare

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