Klacht: Destroyed mobile phone.

op 07 oktober 2017 over Demi Telecom in de categorie Telecomwinkels

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I handed in Demi Telecom my mobile phone. I spilled water on it two weeks ago and despite the fact that it was working properly, it was facing some problems displaying the starting screen. Due to the rarity of the mobile phone (samsung note 5, not available in Europe) I was told that there is a possibility that the back cover will break. I agreed with that and the employee deactivated my phone and gave me back my sim card. Four days letter I received my phone with a broken back cover (which is ok), a broken screen (with an estimated value of 250 euro) and the most significant of all, a dead phone! Before handing it in, it was working properly. At this point, they claim that they did not do anything and when I am asking for the employee to whom I gave the phone, they say that he is on holidays for 15 days.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I think that I have the right to ask for a compensation since specific parts of the mobile phone like the screen are of high value. In addition, I have lost all my data. The phone was working so there was no need for a back up procedure. Now all the information,documents etc stored in it, are lost.

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