Klacht: Carglass does not respect the warranty conditions on replacements.

op 08 augustus 2017 over Carglass in de categorie Garagebedrijven

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I had my windshield replaced by Carglass in France in 2014 because of an accident on the highway. Then I never had any problem until now. Suddenly, while I was driving a few days ago, the rear-view mirror fell off the windshield. In the point where the rear mirror separated from the windshield, one could see a crack on the glass and, in fact, part of the glass of the windshield had broken off and had remained glued on the rear-view mirror, so it was clearly a fault of the windshield. I had to stick the mirror to the windshield with tape to temporarily drive with no danger (the box of the rear-view mirror contains circuitry and is linked through wires to the top part of the windshield, so it is heavy and it was freely oscillating) and immediately arranged an appointment at Carglass Zoetermeer. When I explained the situation stating that reparation should have been covered by Carglass because of the warranty, the guy there called someone in some office and made me talk on the phone with this person. This person on the phone told me that since the crack was not on the outer part of the glass but only in the inner part, in his experience it was impossible that it was a structural defect of the glass and started insinuating that something happened in my car which forced the mirror off the windshield. I started arguing and arguing but he insisted on stating that only I could know what had happened in the car that tore off the mirror and that the warranty couldn’t cover this damage. This person stated so even if he was not physically present there and didn’t see the condition of the glass with his own eyes, on the contrary insinuating that I was lying. The reparation has therefore been accounted in the end on the car insurance.

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Warranty must apply, it must not be the insurance to cover a structural defect of Carglass windshields.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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