Klacht: Borstvergroting en liften

op 20 september 2016 over Diana Gabriels Verweijen in de categorie Beauty & Wellness

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4500.00 Euro Weggegooid andl wantit back! I didnt have the money tell mymother in law said you will get it fromme because she new l wanted it very bad.Another friend told me about this kliniek so like others girls good talks. I lost alot of weight and l do have a maagband l wanted my tits done so Diana said that ok l,ll show you whatyou will have done so she showed me her tits and l thought cool nice (were not the nice work job she has)she said how big would you like them so l thought nice size 450cc she said nice can do it then l get a letter to see doctor winters he check me out ok everything cool so my date on the 20th september 2013 l had them done when l woke up he told me that the 450cc couldnt get in then he tried 350cc didnt either so know l have 250cc wasnt happy but what can l do if they are in me . 6 months later l was by a friend and she said they are sack down ! I thought shit no way . So l did phone Barendrecht of course she didnt phone back l go down there we told her she saw it and said ohja she did some phone calls and they have to be done again.l had to see a another doctor Roosenburg he said ja have to be done want them bigger l wax happy ja you say, l called up so what do we do about it the girl at the front desk says Diana says 700 euro l said l will talk at home l callec back a week later had to wait findley get a call back saying 2000 euro l said screw you guys went to ther doctors they said you have to fix the mess up .so again same shit dont hear from you guys So all l can say is thank you for screwing my life telling me thiis that l want my money back because this story can go on 3 years Diana come on .Ladies read these complains before you do something.

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My money back

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Diana Gabriels Verweijen over deze klacht.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Deze klacht is zojuist door Diana Gabriels Verweijen in behandeling genomen

Bericht van Diana Gabriels Verweijen

1 jaar geleden - Dear Miss Matzo, Could you please send us an email with your name and date of birth so we can read your file and reply on your complaint. (klacht@dianagabriels.nl) Kind Regards, Praktijk Gabriels

Reactie van de melder van de klacht Matzo

1 jaar geleden - My name is kiss and l know your going to blame my maagband and its not thats what my doctor says when l go for my check ups .And theres no way lm paying more thank you Dmkiss

Bericht van Diana Gabriels Verweijen

1 jaar geleden - Could you please give us your date of birth so we can read your file and reply on your complaint?

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